Soprano for high-class events and frequent guest at TV shows.

It’s common knowledge that music is an indispensable part of any significant event.
Whether it’s a presentation, a wedding, a gala dinner or a ceremony, it is the melody made of notes and voices that brings magic to the audience and helps metamorphose a simple get-together into an unforgettable moment.

Larissa Yudina, a professional Soprano Singer with an extensive experience and a wide-ranging Italian and Russian repertoire, knows exactly how to make the event truly unique. Larissa captures public acclaim not only with enchanting and elegant singing performances, but also with charisma and style.

Particular timbre, vocal power, attractive appearance, and a wide lyrical repertoire

These are the things that distinguish Larissa Yudina as a one-of-a-kind and cherished singer, capable of transforming your event into something special, a show that enchants and leaves speechless.

Larissa’s soprano will bring to your event the precious notes of the greatest Italian composers of the past and present. Not to mention lyric pop and popular songs (always in line with your specific needs and requests) that will make your get-together a vivacious event.

Larissa has a wealthy theatrical and concert experience both in Italy and abroad, where she was invited not only as a solo soprano, but also accompanied by an orchestra or soloist musicians (pianists, organists, violinists, harpists). She’s been invited as a performer for events of all kinds: weddings, parties, ceremonies, fashion shows, presentations, musical and non-musical events, meetings, etc.

Artist and Organiser of The Events

Passion for music in all its diverse forms, experience on the best international stages, and engagements in the most refined events have empowered Larissa to embrace different forms of art and culture in all their complexity. As a result she possesses all sensitivity and knowledge necessary to comprehend the world of event management.

That’s why Larissa, enchanting performer, capable of highlighting the most precious moments of your event with her singing, also proposes herself as an Event Organiser.

She organises events with the assistance of her Stravinskij Russkie Motivi Association. Together they have already organised 35 concerts in the Milan Metropolitan Area, including top-rank concerts of classical music, soirees and dinners, weddings and fashion shows of all kinds.

Sophisticated and Diligent Event Planner

A professional who can manage all the aspects of the event and coordinate each stage with high professionalism, competence and meticulousness, leaving no room for stress and anxiety of the client.

The starting point always implies defining the concept: on the one hand, the Event Planner tries to understand the objectives and requirements of the customer. On the other hand the Organiser identifies needs and aspirations of the target audience.

Then Larissa comes up with a conception and takes on organisation, taking care of all the management, PR and relational and mediation activities (issues).

Larissa takes full responsibility for pre-event research, finds a location and sponsors. She takes on the whole process of budget allocation, advertising and communication with artists and suppliers, having control of each and and every stage before, during and right after the event.

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