Soprano and Star of International Opera Music

Music, Art, and Culture

Larissa’s unbridled passion for music and art in all its diverse forms combined with the mission of promoting Russian culture all over the world she had at heart helped her found the Stravinskij Russkie Motivi Cultural Association.

She became President and artistic director of the Association. Aiming to disseminate Russian culture in all its forms, the Association’s events combine classical music and poetry, painting, fashion, jewelry, and culinary art. These unmatched combinations created unique and peculiar formats, such as “360° cultural show”, offered to the refined Milanese public.

The choice of the polysemous name is by no means random and stems from different origins. First of all, the proximity to Stravinskij, who in his first period of immigration in Switzerland had a very close connection to Milan. Stravinskij was a well-known musician and composer who was absolutely innovative for his time, and so is Larissa’s project. Besides, there is a curious assonance that recalls the phrase “strategic win” in Italian. That’s why the name was chosen as a good omen and as a winning direction towards which the Association is aiming.

Finally, the word Russkie (Russians) is linked with the term motifs and defines all the values ​​and themes that the Association promotes: musical, artistic, and cultural motifs, and also patriotic motifs of great love for Russia and its history and culture. Last but not least are the personal reasons of its founder, a professional musician, who works with commitment and passion to spread this art around the world.

The non-profit Association carries out its activities in the vibrant cultural life of Milan through top-level classical music concerts, soirees and dinners, weddings, and fashion shows. The ultimate goal of all the events is not only to promote Russian culture, but to support friendship and interaction between the Italian and Russian cultures, and more precisely to provide linguistic and educational assistance to numerous multicultural families living in Milan.

Larissa and her Association have so far given 35 concerts in Milan. She took part in them as an organiser, creator, and singer.

Present and future: Stravinsky Russkie Motivi is planning to establish a music school based on Russian teaching methods. An innovative project that all Italian families interested in Russian culture and Russian families residing in Milan will be able to benefit from.


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Music, Art, and Culture at 360 Degrees

Larissa is not only a soprano and a star of opera music. She is a promoter of culture and ambassador of beauty, with an inclination for teaching music and singing. She devotes herself to teaching when she is not involved in organising her top-class events or performing on the best opera stages.

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